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Franklin has a population of around 1,575 with a land area of 39.2 square miles. That translates to a population density of about 38 people per square mile.

Transfer Station

The Transfer Station is located on the Eastbrook Road – 1 mile on the left just before the Sunrise Trail (old railroad tracks).


Saturday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Year Round

Sunday 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Year Round

Wednesday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. July and August, maybe more.  Call the office.

The Town requires a Trash Sticker on each bag.  The stickers are $3.00 each.  You may purchase them at the Town Office or at the Franklin Trading Post.  Please place the stickers on your bags.  All solid waste must be bagged.

The town raises $5,000 from Property Tax for the operation of the Transfer Station.  We appropriate $10,000 from Unexpended Funds (Surplus).  The rest of the costs incurred are paid from the purchase of Trash Stickers or more simply put – the people that use the Transfer Station.

While municipal solid waste is not everybody’s favorite topic, we all generate it.  We have a clean uncluttered Transfer Station.  Let’s keep it that way.  It takes all of us to do our individual part.

Summer Hours include Wednesdays in July and August.  The Selectboard may extended the Wednesday ‘Summer Hours’ to open earlier in the year and stay open later into the fall.

Some items that CANNOT be accepted at the Transfer Station –
(This list is not all of the item, but a large majority)

  • Tires, any size.
  • Vehicle batteries, any size.
  • Mattresses, any kind including crib.
  • Couches, any size.
  • Chairs, stuffed and/or recliners.
  • Paint, latex or oil, and absolutely NO lead paint.
  • Building materials, shingles, house wrap, etc.
  • Hazardous Materials.
  • Electronics, computers, televisions, etc.
  • Propane Tanks.
  • Appliances – Stoves, freezers, fridges, washers, driers, etc.

Other items that require a little attention before bagging —

  • Garden hoses, please cut them into less than three foot sections.
  • Wire or Cable, please cut into small sections.
  • Metal – There is a small metal pile beside the building for your convenience.  It is removed every week.  Do not leave appliances or microwaves.

Transfer Station Attendant

  • Richard Chard

The trash tags are available for $3.00 each at the Town Office and the  Franklin Trading Post.

A tag is required on each bag and the maximum bag size is 39 gallons.

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