Did You Know

Franklin has a population of around 1,370 with a land area of 39.2 square miles. That translates to a population density of about 38 people per square mile.

Franklin Water Department Report

Thanks again for another year serving you with the Water Department. The year went pretty good. For the first time in twelve years Franklin has 22 working fire hydrants.

We were struck by lightning in the months of May, August, September and October with moderate damage in August and October. This seems to be a problem that most water systems encounter every year. The water quality here is tested monthly and quarterly with all the tests returning perfect. We pumped and treated 17,271,669 gallons of water this year.

Once again I have to ask all customers to keep their water bills paid in full, on time, every time. This is our only income and the only way we can pay for repairs.

The Water Directors meet the 1st and the 3rd Mondays of each month immediately following the Board of Selectmen meeting.  If a holiday falls on the 1st or 3rd Monday, the Water Directors will meet on the Tuesday of that week.

Thank You, Pete Brady

  • Superintendent Pete Brady
  • Operating in Training Dana Smith
  • Engineering Dirigo Engineering


2018 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report (pdf)