Franklin Road Name Map

Town Road Names were accepted/approved at the Town Meeting on March 25, 1995 to comply with the Enhanced E-9-1-1 System.  The old road, fire lanes, camp roads, and logging roads were changed, removed, or kept the same.  The process was very involved and time consuming.  After town meeting, the next step was road signs.

** If a Road Name Sign is missing, please call the Town Office 565-3663.
Green Signs are Public Roads.  Blue Signs are Private.


Public – Public roads are maintained by the Town of Franklin.  Some roads are both Private and Public.  Franklin maintains the public part of the road.  Example – Butler Point Road is town owned until the gate.  After the gate is a private road.  Donnell Pond Road is town owned until the pavement ends.

PVT – Private roads are maintained by the property owner(s) or a Road Association formed by the owners.

Log – Logging roads.  These are old tote road used for logging, gravel pit access, or winter access.  Some were the way to Christmas tree orchards, when Franklin was a major source of balsam trees and brush/tips for wreaths.

State Roads are Route 182 and Route 200.  The state maintains these roads.

New roads names are accepted at Town Meetings by Franklin’s legislative body, any registered voter present.  Renaming a town road is not a simple process any more.  Years ago you could go out and put up your own new sign.  Now you must petition the selectboard to be put on a town meeting warrant.  If approved to change, the E911 Administrator will notify GIS.  GIS will change their maps which will be used for the fire department and RCC.  The E911 Administrator will notify all people that own land on the road and the post office of the change.  The town will order new signs to be placed on the road.

When a new subdivision is approved by the planning board, the road names are automatically approved.  The E911 Administrator will notify GIS and the process starts again.

This is a very large, detailed map.  It may take sometime to load to view online.  You may perfer to download the map to view it.